At Jazzköket you can either choose from the main menu consisting of appetizer, main course and dessert or try our four courses that vary each week. It’s a menu where we have planned everything so all you have to do is eat, smile and enjoy!

(We gladly recommend what to drink)




Autumn and winter menu

Autumn and winter are here and finally we can embrace the darkness and dine with good food, red wine and lighted candles. As usual, we make everything from scratch, with local, Swedish and organic ingredients. We only serve natural and organic wines in your glass, and the cold beer is locally brewed.
— Kristoffer Andersson, chef and owner


À la carte




The weekly four-course

We put together a four-course based on the raw materials we have managed to get hold of right now. The price will vary, the content as well. Are you curious about what is being served this week just call us or maybe even better, book a table and let us surprise you!


Got any questions? Give us a call or drop an email!

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